7AM Cruelty-Free


We firmly believe no animal should be harmed in the name of fashion, beauty or entertainment. We’re dedicated to protecting animals by using the highest quality vegan and cruelty-free materials to produce stylish products that are both functional and fashion-forward. We firmly refuse to be a part of the “standard” fashion industry that has exploited animals for decades. We are compassionate and progressive and our supply-chain choices reflect these sensibilities. We celebrate all lives and believe every living being should be free!

Whether you’re buying 7AM mittens to keep your baby warm or a diaper bag to stay organized while you’re on-the-go, you can feel confident knowing your actions are serving as a positive voice for animals and your making a compassionate choice.

I don't wear them. I don't make clothes with what belongs to them

7AM loves life and we’re proud to be a PETA certified, 100% vegan company

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As a consumer, you’re in a very powerful position to bring about positive changes in the way animals are treated by purchasing products from vegan and cruelty-free brands. For decades, animal testing and using materials derived from animals has sadly been the norm. Animals have been bred and raised for the sole purpose of being turned into a consumer good – be it a fur coat, a steak or a gallon of milk. These animals are raised in totally unnatural environments where mothers are separated from their newborn offspring and they are pumped with chemicals to make them grow bigger, at a faster speed until they are slaughtered. Their lives are devoid of affection, outdoor play and any other rights that any living being should naturally be granted upon birth. For decades, this has been a tragic, accepted fact because there has been a lack of awareness. Thanks to the brave efforts many celebrity spokespersons and trend setters make, the light has been shed on the abusive practices and the industry is beginning to change. Finally, the movement towards vegan fashion is gaining momentum and we’re proud to be at the forefront. At 7AM we celebrate all lives and believe, deeply in the loving bond between mothers and offspring. Today, conscientious consumers like you are using their voices to speak up on behalf of helpless animals.

Here are four reasons to make the switch to cruelty-free products:

It will help gradually reduce animal testing

Sadly, animals are bred and held in captivity for the sole purpose of testing products and they never get to see life outside of a laboratory. They are forced to endure non-stop torture to their skin, eyes, and other organs before ultimately being killed. There are alternative methods for testing products that provide safety and efficacy for humans without sacrificing the well-being of animals. By supporting brands with cruelty-free policies, you’re helping animals… and the bunnies say “thank you!”

It will reduce the number of products made from animal materials

Testing isn’t the only form of animal cruelty. Many products actually use materials that are made from animals (leather shoes, wool coats). By purchasing cruelty-free and vegan products you are shifting your money towards companies that are socially conscious and interested in finding innovative alternatives. Using your purchase power to align with socially conscious brands is the first step towards supporting the lives of every living being.

It will reduce the environmental burden

The environment is our responsibility and right now, we are experiencing an ecological catastrophe. Raising animals for the sole purpose of creating a consumable good is causing epic levels of environmental destruction from deforestation, land use, water depletion, and rising levels of greenhouse gases. Raising animals for food uses 45% of the Earth’s total land, which is responsible for 91% of Amazon destruction, using 80% – 90% of water consumption in the U.S. The solution is to buy vegan products and adopt a vegan lifestyle.

It’s super easy to make the switch

It’s easier than ever to be stylish and animal friendly. Some of the most popular fashion brands are now vegan friendly and cruelty-free and 7AM is proud to be one of the leaders in the industry. Look for certifications from PETA, CCF, and Leaping Bunny to be sure you’re buying from a brand that loves animals as much as you do!